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Petrades Marketplaces by Derbfactory Business Solutions

What is Petrades Marketplace and how do I use it?

Petrades is a trading platform for Second Life breedables. You need an inworld kiosk to feature a pet on the Petrades site. Once you have it, place your pet on the kiosk and it will be scanned and featured on the marketplace within seconds. There are no listing fees or time limitations. Once you purchase a kiosk, it is yours. You may use it as often as needed.

Rules / TOS

We do not like to have a thousand rules, but when you agree to the Petrades service there is an understanding to not abuse the system for your own advertisements. The subtitle and title must only be used for 'pet related' information. Keyword exceptions are: 'Wholesale', 'Clearance Sale' and 'Auction+Time'.

We have a strictly NO refund policy on the kiosks you purchase or have purchased.

It is strictly not allowed to sell kiosks on SL Marketplace! Buying kiosks from a unlicenced reseller on SL Marketplace will result in a ban from Petrades Marketplace!

Please join the Petrades Support Group

Petrades Support Group


In urgent case, please use our support request form. This message will be forwarded to Dakedidi Miles e-mail.
Support request form


Why can't my kennel be found by my kiosk?
Rename your kennel. Kennels with the original name, 'Amaretto Breedable K9 Kennel', will be ignored. This is necessary in order that the kiosk can be used with regard to pregnant pets.

Why is the kiosk no-mod? Can I modify my kiosk?
A kiosk can not be modified. It's optimized for the included sensor script.

Do I need to re-enter information if I temporally remove my dog or kennel from a kiosk?
No. All information (such as the subtitle, the stats, and the picture) is stored in the database. This information remains, and is still available in the event of a change of ownership.

Can the kiosk be used by a different person other than the kiosk owner
No, but there is a mall version available. The mall version allow mall owners to rez kiosks which can be controlled by renters.

May I purchase a COPY version or script?
No, we do not sell a copy version of the Petrades kiosk.

May I purchase a script instead of a kiosk?
No, we do not offer the kiosk scripts. Petrades Marketplace will only work if you show inworld that you have listed Dogs on our website. Please do not hide Petrades kiosks in floor tiles. Thank you.

Can I use more than one dog with a Petrades Kiosk?
You can scan unlimited Dogs with a single Petrades kiosk. They all stay in database with their additional information and detail-link. A kiosk can only 'Feature' ONE dog on the Petrades website at any given time. If you remove your dog from the Petrades kiosk, it will be unlisted. If you have 2 or more Dogs on a kiosk, only the closest dog will be listed on the website. If that dog gets purchased or removed, the next closest dog will be listed automatically. If you want to have more than one dog listed at the same time, you need that amount of Petrades kiosks.

Why do Petrades kiosk/s not scan the traits automatically?
How does the Petrades Website advanced search work?

We are scanning the description of a pet and separating that information into data called 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 A B C D E F G H. Description info can change with new pet versions or traits. That's why we decided not to save declared trait information inside our database. If you know what the 1-9 and A-H data stands for, you can search for traits with the advanced search. We welcome Every 3rd Party website or inworld gadget to use our advanced search.

Is Petrades an attack to the inworld malls?
NO! Petrades is NOT a standalone marketplace, its more of a connection between inworld selling and online searching. Petrades is designed to stimulate and bring new visitors to the malls & other inworld establishments. And, with every new feature we hope your awareness of this grows.

Does Petrades have monthly website listings fees?
No. Petrades Kiosk/s can be purchased in world at Authorized Vendors, and have a one time kiosk purchase fee. After that, FREE to list and Feature one dog per Petrades kiosk repeatedly -Without- and Weekly/Monthly/Annual listing fees.

Are Petrades kiosks transferable?
Yes. Petrades kiosks are 100% transferable. Feel free to pass one to a friend as a gift, or help increase their traffic & sales as well.

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